SAMS 2017 - Programming Course

Sections A, B, and C

Lectures: Sec A and B: Mon 9:45-11:30, PH 100
Sec C: Mon 9:45-11:30, PH A18A
Recitations/Labs: Sec A: Wed, Fri 9:45-11:30, Hunt Near/Far
Sec B: Tue, Thu 9:45-11:30, Hunt Near/Far
Sec C: Wed, Fri 9:45-11:30, BH 140-E
Instructors office hours: Instructors will be available for half an hour after each lecture/recitation they lead and from 5:00 to 5:30pm every weekday in their offices. (See staff page for office numbers.)
TA office hours:

Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
6:30-9pm 6:30-9pm 6:30-9pm 6:30-8pm 5-7pm 1-5pm
Location: GHC 5th floor commons and 5207

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